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Sustainable Management of Refrigeration Technologies in Marine and Off-Shore Fisheries conference was held on April 6–8, 2017, in Bangkok, Thailand. The Conference was organized by UNEP, ASHRAE, IIR and UNIDO, with support of the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Department of Industrial Works.

Presentations of the Conference are now available for download here.


When: June 22–23, 2017

Where: Klostergut Paradies, Shaffhausen (Switzerland)

Registration deadline: June 13, 2017

We gladly invite you to our eurammon Symposium Small Applications <200 kW with Natural Refrigerants, taking place June 22 – 23, 2017 in CH-Schaffhausen.

Operators, planners, manufacturers and interested expert visitors will meet at the eurammon symposium. Small applications for refrigeration and HVAC that are operated with natural refrigerants will be the focus of the event. This year´s highlight will be the use of hydrocarbons.

Besides valuable information about statutory regulations, energy efficiency and specific requirements for the safe use of natural refrigerants, the participants will get a fascinating insight into successful practical examples that will be presented by international experts.

Additionally, an interactive workshop for all participants will take place. 

More info on Eurammon site.


On 14 February 2017, the Alicante Provincial Court convicted the owner of a refrigerant cylinder containing 12 kg of R22 to a 3-month prison sentence, a fine of 6 Euros per day during a period of 6 months (more than 1000 Euros) and prohibited the involvement in any commercial activities related to refrigeration or air-conditioning during a period of 3 years. The R22 refrigerant cylinder was offered on Internet and seized by undercover staff of SEPRONA in the surroundings of Alicante on 21 May 2014. SEPRONA operated under the order of the Environmental Public Prosecutor’s Office in Madrid. A court case initiated and the accused person pledged guilty.

On 9 January 2017, the Madrid Provincial Court convicted a former company owner to a 6-month prison sentence, a fine and prohibited the involvement in any commercial activities related to refrigeration or air-conditioning during a period of 6 years. The person had offered a refrigerant cylinder containing 60 kg of R22 on Internet.

Informal sources from a European Union country detected 40 advertisements of R22 on Internet which are currently being investigated. As of 2015 the placing on the market of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs such as R22) for the maintenance or servicing of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment is prohibited in the European Union.


UL is running a series of 4 webinars on flammable refrigerants in spring.

More information available here.

The webinars are:

Session 1

An Introduction of the 2017 updates to the White Paper: Revisiting Flammable Refrigerants, Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. EST

Session 2

An Overview of Codes and Standards Activities, Wednesday, March 29th at 2:00 p.m. EDT

Session 3

An Overview of the Science of Flammable Refrigerants, Wednesday, April 26th at 2:00 p.m. EDT

Session 4

Panel Discussion – Uncertainty, Gaps, and What’s Needed to Continue the Implementation, Wednesday, May 17th at 2:00 p.m. EDT

Session 1:

An Introduction of the 2017 updates to the White Paper: Revisiting Flammable Refrigerants For your convenience, you can view the recorded version online.



We are pleased to announce that the revised and revitalized OzonAction website was officially lauched.

This significant effort has been accomplished over the past 7 months by Jo with the support of Ester, our web consultant (many thanks to both of them!). The conversion process has been done in close consultation with DCPI, which set certain requirements and also provided technical support.

We invite you to visit the site. Highlights include: 

New content management system. As per DCPI's requirement, the system has been migrated from the Dotnetnuke content management system to Drupal. This allows us to update the site more easily than before, with a more professional CMS platform. New look and feel. The graphical presentation and web ergonomics have been changed to correspond to the UN Environment corporate standard for web sites.

Revised site architecture. The structure of the pages and sub-pages has been revised to better fit today's OzonAction initiative. The template/structure of our website was provided by DCPI, however we modified it slightly to best suit the needs of our programme and clients.

Refreshed contents. The content of numerous individual pages have been rewritten - thanks to Ezra, Misha, Ruperto, Ayman, Khaled who provided text for the new pages! Old unneeded pages were archived too (clean up).

New functionality. Database-driven news and events modules allow those types of information to appear on different web pages throughout the site, based on keyword tags. Although the website has already gone live, DCPI has not yet synchronized all of our updates and some new content has not yet appeared. DCPI is still working to stabilize the website, which should be finished shorly.

OzonAction is still in the processing of fine tuning our new site. After the transition is done, we will start a new system of regular updates.

Updates will be done according to specific schedule (to be proposed later). Jo is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the site and will follow up with staff accordingly. We are attaching a list of the individual pages with an indication of the CAP team members who have the most direct relationship to the issues in the different pages. We would appreciate your cooperation in helping to manage the content of those pages and in providing information/updates.

CAP Paris -- Jo and Ruperto -- will support of the regional CAP teams by performing the uploads and ongoing maintenance of the site. Samira will also have upload rights for areas under her responsibility. For any web uploads, please send them to Jo (or Ruperto in her absence). We will circulate more guidance about this later.

Note that the following issues still need to be addressed: Link to the OzonAction Meeting Module (which will be launched soon). Conversion of the MultiMedia Collection (MMC) to a new database platform, and re-connecting it to the new site. Decision on the fate of OzonAction's Facebook and Youtube accounts in light of DCPI's new social media policy.

Since the website plays a key role in promoting visibility of our programme and what we do, we invite you all to please go through the website, especially the sections that concern you and provide us with any feedback, updates or suggestions for improvements.

Thanks, and happy web surfing!