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OzoNews, Vol. XVII, 15 June 2017 Issue is available for download.

  1. Effects of Ozone Depletion Felt in the Tropics
  2. Visit OzonAction Information Booth at 39th OEWG
  3. The Ozone Secretariat is introducing a new system for the registration of delegates to the meetings of the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol
  4. Key Greenhouse Gases Higher than Any Time over Last 800,000 Years
  5. Are You Committed? The Time to Act on Refrigerants is Now
  6. What are Ozone Depleting Substances on Ships?
  7. 1st IIR International Conference on the Application of HFO Refrigerants
  8. Refrigerant Market by Type (HCFC, HFC, HFO, Isobutane, Propane, Ammonia, and CO2), Application (Refrigerators, Large-scale Refrigerators, Chillers, Air Conditioners, and Heat Pumps), Region - Global Forecast to 2022
  9. The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol - Opportunities and Next Steps - OzonAction Video
  10. The Ozone Awards 2017: Call for Nominations
  11. ‘Korea Customs Service Organized a Green Customs Initiative Workshop to Interdict Environmentally Hazardous Substances and Endangered Species’
  12. Increased Risk of Ozone Loss Over the United States in Summer, Evidence Shows
  13. Greening Your Refrigerants — Saving the Ozone Layer and Saving Money
  14. European HFC Emissions Fall
  15. Use of Climate-Friendly Tech Rising - But Some Supermarkets In for a Nasty Surprise in 2018